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KWZ Inks

The KWZ Ink range features two ranges with an iron gall ink range and a standard range which features a stunning colour palette.  KWZ inks are produced by hand by the dedicated team of Agnieszka and Konrad Zurawski in Poland.  Konrad is an industrial chemist who constantly makes improvements to the KWZ product. The standard range is well suited for your favourite fountain pen. KWZ Inks make the largest range of iron gall inks and are handmade in Poland. Iron gall inks have a higher resistance to water and fading  than regular fountain pen inks. These inks contain small portions of metal particles derived from iron and oxidize when exposed to atmosphere. As a result the ink darkens as it dries and is very robust over time.

L’Artisan Pastellier Callifolio Inks

L’Artisan Pastellier is a boutique manufacturer in France that specialises in inks based on natural pigments. The Callifolio ink range features a vivid colour palette. The inks are non-toxic and are safe for use in all fountain pens. Although they are not waterproof, their composition allows for easy mixing of different colours within the range so you can even create your own individual hues. The Callifolio ink is supplied in a charming 40 ml triangular glass bottle and if you plan to collect several bottles, they fit together beautifully in a circular fashion.

Lamy Fountain Pens

There are three characteristics that make Lamy stand apart from competitors; design, quality and ‘Made in Germany’. Since 1930, Lamy has been developing unique writing instruments featuring their distinctive German design ethos. Lamy fountain pens are easy to use yet are of the highest quality and are suitable for both the fountain pen novice and enthusiast. The Lamy Safari for example, offers timeless design and brilliant ergonomics, making it one of the most popular writing instruments around the world. Having a Lamy Safari in one’s fountain pen collection is an absolute must.

Life Stationery

Established 70 years ago in Japan, the LIFE Stationery Company is renowned for its impeccable paper and high quality, bound notebooks. LIFE Stationery is unique for its tradition of making notebooks by hand using deeply skilled artisans. This bespoke approach is combined with understated and classic designs. Skribr is excited to be stocking this hard to find and highly sought after brand.

Monteverde One Touch Stylus Tool Pen

For the person who thought they had everything, Skribr brings you the Monteverde One Touch Stylus Tool Pen. Yesteryear meets today, a smooth writing ballpoint tip at one end and a stylus top at the other. A six-sided heavy weight barrel, features a built-in level, ruler and three different scale functions. Phillips and flat head screwdrivers are housed under the stylus top. Truly a pen that tackles more than just the job of writing. Ballpoint refills are available in black ink.

Pelikan Fountain Pens

Pelikan - This brand stands for reliable writing instruments with a wide product range. If you are looking for that certain something, or you, quite rightly, enjoy a sophisticated taste, or you simply wish for more elegance then you are absolutely right here. In Pelikan's tradition-steeped field of fine writing,  they offer customers high-quality writing instruments, perfectly combined with their tried and tested brand quality, as well as perfected and refined state of the art elegance.

Pelikan Inks

From the late 1800's, Pelikan inks found use in many different sectors. In 1898 the most important writing inks received product names such as 2001, 3001 and 4001.  However the 4001 remains the number one Pelikan ink and it is still sold all around the world. In recent years, Pelikan launched a luxury range of inks called Edelstein, meaning the German word for gemstone. Each colour in the range represents a beautiful gemstone.

Pilot Prestige Range

The Pilot Prestige range are the products of choice if you are seeking a smooth writing experience with quality and reliability. For almost 100 years, Pilot has been manufacturing innovative writing products using the finest materials and manufacturing techniques. If you are looking to take the next step in adding to your collection of fine writing instruments then you have to consider the Pilot Prestige range.


A favourite of pen connoisseurs, Rhodia paper is exceptionally friendly to fountain pens and inks due to smooth paper finishes and high quality stock. Rhodia is famous for their lack of ink strike through and minimal bleed. Founded in 1932 in France's Rhône-Alpes region, by brothers Henri and Robert Verilhac, the brand name originates from the Rhone river which is located in Lyon. Since the 1930's, Rhodia has built an enviable reputation and its products are characterized by their durable covers and superfine vellum paper.

Robert Oster Signature Inks

The Robert Oster Signature Ink range hails from the famous Coonawarra wine growing region of South Australia. With an incredible array of colours inspired by Australia's natural environment, the Robert Oster Signature range presents a unique palette to satisfy your ink and colour cravings. While relatively new to the market, the Robert Oster Signature Ink range continues to expand as well as engage fountain pen enthusiasts around the globe.