Robert Oster Signature inks are rapidly becoming the ink of choice for many fountain pen enthusiasts both in Australia and internationally. Robert Oster inks are uniquely Australian being inspired by our natural landscapes. However, being a new brand our customers have questions about the range.

What is the Robert Oster Signature Ink range?

Robert Oster Signature inks are hand made in Australia by Robert Oster. This range is also non-toxic and the packaging features light weight recyclable plastic bottles. There are currently 64 colours in the range and more are being developed.

What has inspired the Robert Oster Signature Ink range?

The Robert Oster ink range is unique as it is inspired by the Australian natural environment, from the Barossa Valley, to the Great Barrier Reef to the world famous Bondi Beach. Robert Oster himself was born in the Barossa Valley and now resides in the Coonawarra region of South Australia which is synonymous with wine growing. Consequently many of the colours are inspired by wine with purples such as Barossa Grape and Purple Soul.

The bush has inspired a range of greens such as Green Lime and Khaki. Other colours that make up the Robert Oster palette are pinks, yellows and of course blues, browns and grays. One couldn’t make a more Australian ink colour than Bondi Blue! All of these colours have been inspired by the rugged Australian landscape.

What is the most popular colour in the Robert Oster Signature ink range?

Most Skribr customers are buying Fire and Ice. The ink is a dark turquoise colour with a magenta sheen and hence the name Fire and Ice. If you collect blue turquoise inks, than you have to try Fire and Ice which is a turquoise ink with a kick.

Why have Robert Oster inks become so popular?

Well it’s likely that Robert Oster has introduced a fresh colour palette that customers find both authentic and unique. Fountain pen enthusiasts have recognised the inspiring colour palette as well as how well the inks behave. 

What are the latest Robert Oster Signature inks?

Skribr has just received two exclusive colours; Maroon 1789 and Melon Tea. Did you know that the term 'Maroon' was first used in 1789 to describe this vivid colour and the word actually comes from the French word 'maroon' which means chestnut.  Melon Tea is a light shade of brown with green undertones.

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I’ve heard the new Shiraz colour is coming out very soon. Exciting !


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