Pilot Iroshizuku inks provide one of the best writing experiences as far as fountain pen inks go. They are smooth writing and flow well. Just how well do theses premium inks stand up to light and water? Seven Iroshizuku inks were selected for the test and applied to A4 Australian copy paper. 

Alt="pilot iroshizuku ink"

SKRIBR has devised a severe test for durability. The A4 Australian copy paper is placed in plastic sheet protectors and secured to an outdoor table top which is exposed to the elements.

Alt="pilot iroshizuku ink"

The plastic sheet protectors are open at one end so rain or moisture may enter and affect the written words. The pages are subjected to daily sunshine. This is an environment most ink would not be subjected to, so it will be interesting to see how the various colours fare. Will these inks remain legible in the face of the onslaught of the elements?

We will monitor these test pages over time and keep you updated!

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