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What is L'artisan Pastellier?

L'artisan Pastellier is born of the creation of a chemist passionate about discovering natural pigments and dyes found in the Albigensian region in France,

Why are L'artisan Pastellier Callifolio inks different?

All L'artisan Pastellier products are manufactured from natural products, colours and minerals to European environmental standards. Notable for their absence of solvents, L'artisan Pastellier products are manufactured from traditional formulas and raw materials so colours are natural.

What is the origin of the L'artisan Pastellier logo?

The L'artisan Pastellier logo harks back to an era when natural dyes were important and is based on Isatis Tinctoria, a plant that produces a blue dye (called woad) from its leaves. Pastel Blue is the signature colour of the Artisan Pastillier brand. This plant and its pastel blue dye was cultivated and used from the 12th century to the 18th century in France to dye quality fabrics. The residue remaining at the bottom of the vats where the dye was stored was used as make a weather resistant linseed oil- based paint to protect shutters.

What makes Callifolio inks different?

Callifolio inks can be safely mixed to create your own hues. They are gentle, non toxic and safe for use in all fountain pens and pose a minimal threat in that they are unlikely to clog or stain your fountain pens. They are easy to wash out of fountain pens so they make for easy changing and refilling of colours.

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