What is Iron Gall ink?

Iron Gall inks are made from iron salts and tannic acids from plants. Iron Gall inks have a long history as they were the most commonly used inks in medieval Europe and remain popular to this day.


What are KWZ Inks?

KWZ Inks iron gall inks are manufactured by hand in Poland. KWZ offer the largest range of iron gall inks for fountain pens.

 What are the benefits of using Iron Gall inks?

The ink has higher resistance to water and fading than regular fountain pen inks. These modern iron gall inks contain small portions of metal particles. These particles are derived from iron and oxidize when exposed to atmosphere and as result; the ink darkens as it dries. The inks are surprisingly robust and water resistant. In fact, there are manuscripts over a thousand years old written in iron gall ink that have survived virtually intact with little decay over this time.

 How to care for your fountain pen using iron gall inks?

Modern iron gall inks have small amount of metallic compounds but they do require that your fountain pen be flushed out with water regularly. Also, don’t leave iron gall inks in your pen for extended period. We recommend flushing your iron gall ink out of your pen regularly. Iron gall ink can cause corrosion of stainless steel nibs over time if not regularly cleaned. Nibs that are made of gold, titanium and platinum are more resistant to corrosion.

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