Gaëlle Boissonnard is a French artist who paints whimsical artwork featured on an extensive range of notebooks, magnets, postcards, calendars and mirrors from Correspondances.

Gaëlle is native to the Loire Valley and has a fine arts degree from Saint Etienne which was completed in 1991. She has exhibited her unique artworks across France. Surprisingly, Gaëlle’s profile outside France remains relatively undiscovered.

Her signature figures are young ladies and women in flowing dresses. As well, the subject nature often features dreams, flowers, seasons and other objects that are portrayed in a very distinct style. We may see a young lady climbing a ladder to the moon, planting a tree, sipping tea or even painting hearts.

Gaëlle’s unusual technique involves mixed media and may start with drawing on paper or canvas with pencil and then overlaying the illustration with glazes, sanding and scraping. The colours are deep, saturated and always inviting. There’s a delicacy to the work that both resonates and soothes the emotions.

Gaëlle has also published a book entitled Passerelles which means gateway or bridge. In Gaëlle’s book, it is the gateway to another fantasy world where the reader can escape and let their mind wander. 

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