Hi from Gavin, Skribr’s Inkster. I realize how confusing it may be choosing an ink type that works for you. Below is the Inkster guide:

  • For a great variety of interesting ink colours, your Pilot MR series fountain pen is equipped with a metal squeeze convertor. All you do is place the nib in a bottle of Rohrer and Klingner ink colour of your choice. Squeeze the squishy bit of the ink convertor 4 or 5 times and leave the nib immersed for 5 seconds in the inkbottle. The convertor will fill with ink. Wipe excess ink off the nib with tissue. You are ready to write.
  • For a crisp refilling experience the erka-rapid ink reservoir is designed to fit your Rohrer and Klingner ink bottle. It captures just the right amount of ink necessary to fill the ink convertor. It eliminates the need to fully immerse the whole front section of the fountain pen into the ink bottle meaning a clean refill. The erka-rapid reservoir allows for less ink wastage, as there is less ink to be wiped off the nib and front section of your Pilot MR series fountain pen.  See the video demonstration of the erka-rapid ink reservoir.
  • Our Rohrer and Klingner fountain pen inks are made in Germany and are formulated with quality ingredients allowing for consistent flow and vibrant colours. Available in 18 colours, there is an ink for every occasion and will flow perfectly in your Pilot MR series fountain pen.
  • A unique range of fountain pen ink is our German made Rohrer and Klingner Dokumentus ink. Manufactured in 6 colours, Dokumentus ink is highly water and light resistant making it suitable for important documents and records. The Dokumentus range of fountain pen inks are the first to conform to DIN ISO 12757-2, ensuring permanent and archival writing. These inks are suitable for use in your MR series fountain pen.

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