Thank you for visiting our site. I'm Gavin and I'm Skribr's resident inkster - a pen and ink expert. I realize how confusing it may be choosing a pen that works best for you. So here are some helpful tips: 

  • If you want a smooth, quick writing experience, with reduced writer’s cramp, our high technology Japanese Pilot MR series rollerball gel pens are fitted with refills containing water based gel ink with pigments. This means the ink flows quickly and smoothly; bold, crisp lines are produced. The pigments in blue and black gel inks are water resistant and light resistant so that there is little fading over time. Because the ink is water based it is easy to control the pen across the page and you will experience less hand fatigue and writer’s cramp.
  • For those who appreciate traditional ballpoint pens but prefer slick, smooth, writing, with less hand fatigue, our Pilot MR series ballpoint pens are fitted with refills encapsulating the latest in Japanese low friction ballpoint pen ink technology, this means no skipping and the fastest, smoothest writing feel and you will experience far less fatigue across the pages. The lines are dark and bold and very resistant to water and light so your notes and documents remain legible for years to come.
  • For that traditional, characterful writing look and feel. Stand out from the crowd; fountain pens and inks are unbeatable producing shading and a vast range of colours are available to suit any occasion be it for business, journaling, notes, thank you cards or simply writing an old fashioned letter. Being water based, fountain pen inks flow smoothly and that means much less hand fatigue so that you can write for long distances. Our Pilot MR series fountain pens are manufactured in Japan to the highest tolerances so that inks flow without hesitation and the nibs are very smooth ensuring a satisfying writing feel that is unsurpassed. Simply refill your MR series fountain pen using Pilot IC-50 cartridges available in black or blue or use the supplied converter to refill with your favourite bottle of coloured Rohrer & Klingner fountain pen writing ink

I'd like to help you so if you have any questions about selecting the right type of pen, send an email to me at


Skribr's Inkster

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